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For NORD/LB CBB itself, the change to more sustainability also offers great opportunities and risks. NORD/LB CBB strives to efficiently realize the opportunities that arise and to responsibly manage the arising risks. In this context, the employees are the future of NORD/LB CBB and ensure the sustainable success of the company. There is therefore a central responsibility towards the employees to create the conditions for optimal development and to live diversity. One focus here is the creation of a healthy working environment for all employees and value-oriented cooperation.

NORD/LB CBB's corporate values were developed by the bank's employees themselves and defined as follows:


WE live TRUST...

  • by being a role model and dealing openly, honestly, respectfully and reliably with our fellow human beings.
  • by believing in the accuracy, truth and sincerity of employees and leaders and their statements and actions.
  • by giving trust. In ourselves. And the positive intent and abilities of others (the company, the team, the individual).



  • by being role models and treating our colleagues, customers and clients with respect, openness and dialogues at eye level.
  • by respecting everyone's personality, recognizing and respecting their experience, competence, creativity and all their contributions to our success.
  • by expressing our appreciation for good performance, constructively addressing mistakes in order to learn from them together, and discovering and mobilizing each individual's skills and strengths.

Reliability and competence


  • by sticking to our agreements and commitments.
  • by accepting and implementing decisions made.
  • by standing up for our actions and being measured against them.
  • by sticking to our values and supporting each other in living them.

Entrepreneurial action


  • by knowing our goals and pursuing them together in a focused way, using our degree of freedom and taking responsibility for our decisions, our actions and the resulting outcomes.
  • by using freedom of thought and striving for improvement, being open to new things and using our resources responsibly.
  • by knowing our customers and their needs and placing them at the center of our actions.
  • by sharing and passing on knowledge and experience and knowing our employees and their skills.


We live COURAGE ...

  • by daring to make full use of the given degree of freedom and to make decisions.
  • by standing by our opinions and representing them.
  • by asking critical questions and speaking openly with each other.
  • by discovering new territory and being innovative.