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Welcome to our Investor Relations pages

Here you will find current and historical information on all aspects of NORD/LB Luxembourg Covered Bond Bank. The investor relations team is the contact partner for all information regarding NORD/LB Luxembourg Covered Bond Bank and professional dialogue with investors, analysts and ratings agencies. If you need further information or have any questions, the Investor Relations team is at your service.

Reports 2022

Investor information


The annual, interim and disclosure reports of NORD/LB CBB and the financial statement of NORD/LB CBB are available as pdf.Take a look at our business performance.


Figures at a glance

We provide you with condensed information about our profit/loss and balance-sheet figures and important performance indicators.

Figures at a glance


Rating agencies have been rating companies, banks and local authorities around the world for over 100 years. Thanks to our first-class rating, NORD/LB Luxembourg Covered Bond Bank is a sought-after address in the issuing business.

Ratings and rating reports

Cover pool Lettres de Gage publiques

The cover pool of NORD/LB Luxembourg Covered Bond Bank fulfills high quality standards. Find out more regarding the rating and country split as well as the transparency regulations according to Luxembourg law below.

Cover pool