Motives: solar power plant, water power, wind power



In order to limit global warming to clearly below two degrees, different
calculations suggest that enormous investments of billions of USD
will have to be made in the energy sector worldwide by 2035.

Lettres de Gage Renewable Energy - Green Covered Bonds 

NORD/LB CBB as a competence centre for funding by means of Lettres de Gage publiques and Lettres de Gage Renewable Energy (Lettres de Gage énergies renouvelables) and 100% subsidiary of NORD/LB, intends to make its contribution to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable European Economy. We believe that issuing green bonds will help provide the necessary resources to fight climate change.

Take a look at our Green Covered Bond here:

Green Bond Framework

NORD/LB CBB has decided to establish a Green Bond Framework for the issuance of NORD/LB CBB Lettres de Gage Renewable Energy which is based on the Luxembourg Financial Sector Act on Covered Bonds (Law of 5 April 1993, introduction of renewable energy covered bonds as of 22 June 2018) as well as the ICMA Green Bond Principles 2018. Investors can make their positive contribution by investing in Green Covered Bonds of NORD/LB CBB, the proceeds of which are intended to fund renewable energies.

Please find further information in the Green Bond Framework and the Second Party Opinion:

Reporting Green Covered Bond

NORD/LB CBB's cover pool reporting and allocation reporting will be published quarterly.

The first impact report follows within 12 months after issuance.

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