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Becoming who we are

NORD/LB Luxembourg Covered Bond Bank

After the merger of NORD/LB Luxembourg with its subsidiary company NORD/LB Covered Finance Bank on 31 May 2015 the merged special bank will operate under the name of NORD/LB Luxembourg Covered Bond Bank.

This Fokus will take us back to the original remit of NORD/LB CFB – we will be a covered bond bank in the trust sense of the term. By issuing covered bonds in accordance with Luxembourg law, we will continue to play our part in refinancing the NORD/LB Group's core business.

We accomplish this by using transparent and flexible products in a responsible manner and according to the Luxemburgish Covered Bond act to cover our clients financial needs as well as the requirements of covered bond investors exceptionally well.

NORD/LB Luxembourg S.A. Covered Bond Bank focuses on the following business segments:


  • Lending business in cooperation with the Corporate Customer and Structured Finance divisions of the NORD/LB Group

Financial Markets & Sales

  • Issue of covered bonds as a complementary component of the funding of the Group
  • Interest rate, liquidity and currency management
  • Fixed Income Relationship Management & Sales Europe

Client Services & B2B

  • Full range of services for external asset management companies, such as account and deposit management
  • Provision of additional services in the B2B segment