Motive: Hand, Buildings, Nature

Promoting the future

As a bank and an institution, social engagement in the conduct of business is an important issue for the NORD/LB Group. We are committed to this social engagement, assuming active responsibility as a corporate citizen of our society and contributing actively to the sustainable development of our social environment.

The regional environment of NORD/LB CBB is not just an international financial center . It is also where our employees reside and live their lives. And not least, it is where we recruit young talent. Furthermore, the bank obtains portions of the services it uses from the region. For all these reasons, NORD/LB CBB places itsemphasis on supporting socialand cultural development in its regional circle of influence. It financially supports social initiatives as a way of enhancing the region's attractiveness and quality of life.

For more information see the chapter "Social engagement" in the "NORD/LB Group Sustainability Report 2021".