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Becoming who we are

NORD/LB Luxembourg Covered Bond Bank

After the merger of NORD/LB Luxembourg with its subsidiary company NORD/LB Covered Finance Bank on 31 May 2015 the merged special bank will operate under the name of NORD/LB Luxembourg Covered Bond Bank.

This focus will take us back to the original remit of NORD/LB CFB – we will be a covered bond bank in the truest sense of the term. By issuing covered bonds in accordance with Luxembourg law, we will continue to play our part in refinancing the NORD/LB Group's core business.

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A bank is still bank!

NORD/LB has been a fixture of the financial landscape in Luxembourg since its founding company NORD/LB Luxembourg was established in 1972.

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Figures at a glance

Please find all our informations concerning the NORD/LB CBB Figures here:

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Sustainable Values

Sustainable thinking is a crucial component of our corporate and business activities. We feel obliged to uphold the NORD/LB Group‘s sustainability strategy and the principles of the Diversity Charter in everything we do. Hence without a stable environment and a society with balanced economic and social relations, lasting business success is impossible.

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