NORD/LB Luxembourg Covered Bond Bank


Rating is a standardised assessment of the issuer's creditworthiness undertaken by specialised rating agencies. The rating usually goes from "AAA" (almost no risk of default) to "C" (extremly high risk of default) or "D" (default). There are long-term and short-term ratings, issuer and bond ratings, ratings of public authorities and certain other more specific ones. Economic activity today is unimaginable without ratings.

Rating agencies have been rating companies, banks and local authorities around the world for over 100 years. Thanks to our first-class rating, NORD/LB Luxembourg Covered Bond Bank is a sought-after address in the issuing business.

NORD/LB Luxembourg Covered Bond Bank - Ratings
Issuer Rating (long-term/short-term) Aa2/P-1  
Deposits (long-term/short-term) Aa2/P-1  
Lettres de Gage publiques Aaa  
Lettres de Gage Renewable Energy Aaa  

As of 16 March 2024

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