In Luxembourg

With an area of 2,586 kilometres, Luxembourg is one of the smallest states by territory in the world and is the second-smallest country in the European Union.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a parliamentary democracy in form of a constitutional monarchy. It is the last of nine European Grand Duchies.

As a location for the banking sector that is characterised by its exceptional political and social stability, Luxembourg constitutes a magnet for all prestigious providers from the international financial world. Its unique yet stringent regulatory and supervisory systems have enabled the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to develop into the centre for private banking within the eurozone and one of the largest financial locations in the world.

With its central location at the heart of Europe and its attractive working conditions, Luxembourg attracts international, highly-qualified staff. With their skills in several languages and their savoir-vivre, these employees shape the open-minded character of the location and are one of the most important resources for our company.

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