Part of a strong group

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the NORD/LB Girozentrale in Hanover, we act as an independent entity within an important group and can assure our customers the greatest possible security through the letter of comfort from our parent company.

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Letter of Comfort

The letter of comfort of NORD/LB Hanover is documented in its Annual Report 2022:

"NORD/LB ensures that the following companies are able to meet their obligations: ... NORD/LB Luxembourg S.A. Covered Bond Bank, Luxembourg-Findel/ Luxembourg;..."

Source: NORD/LB GIROZENTRALE Annual Report 2022, page 37

To Annual Report NORD/LB 2022

Ownership structure

NORD/LB Luxembourg Covered Bond Bank is a 100% subsidiary of NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale.

Chart: owner structure