Business activities

Many say: Banks are just figures. We say that every number is just a substitute for something else. For large and small worlds, for ideas, desires and hopes. And always for people. For our customers. For you. This is why we never lose our drive in search for the perfect services, why we tread well-proven paths with creative approaches and always remain what we were, are and forever will be. A bank. A business model. Reliable, committed and trustworthy.

Our Business activities:


Credit business in Luxembourg means, above all, service and added value for the Group.

The most significant part of our credit portfolio consists of lending business in cooperation with others. Our cooperation partners are the Corporate Customers and Structured Finance divisions of NORD/LB. We always stand by their side, with our many years of experience as an efficient service provider in the financing of corporate customers and structured transactions. Thus NORD/LB Luxembourg Covered Bond Bank completes the range of services provided by NORD/LB Group.

Through Luxembourg covered bonds (Lettres de Gage) we are able to offer competitive conditions in our customer business as a refinancing source, especially for municipal enterprises.

We are focused at product level. NORD/LB Luxembourg Covered Bond Bank particularly concentrates on variable-rate loans and short-term fixed-rate loans in a variety of currencies. Aside from bilateral credit lines, we also take on a facility agent function in the context of complex syndicate financing operations. Our technical infrastructure is perfectly adapted to administrate these loan variants and our competent staff ensure reliable loan servicing.

Financial Markets & Sales 

The Financial Markets & Sales business segment includes the issuing of Luxembourg covered bonds, the management of cover funds and the management of interest rates, liquidity and currencies for the Bank. Issuing covered bonds is an important component of the business activity of NORD/LB Luxembourg Covered Bond Bank and a strategic element of the NORD/LB Group. We issue covered bonds according to Luxembourg law (Lettres de Gage publiques).

Further components include the central support of investors and the distribution of other Group products – such as fixed-income and structured products – to other European countries.

This division of NORD/LB Luxembourg Covered Bond Bank functions as an interface with Europe for the rest of the NORD/LB Group. Thereby the focus lies on the expansion and the increase of networks of European banks and institutional investors. Besides the traditional regions of Benelux and Switzerland the emphasis is on France, Great Britain and Scandinavia. NORD/LB Luxembourg Covered Bond Bank cooperates closely with NORD/LB in this area. The focus is on sales of the entire fixed income product palette of NORD/LB, covered bonds, government bonds and bonds issued by German Federal states, promissory note loans and the sale of NORD/LB Group’s own products.

Client Services & B2B 

The NORD/LB Luxembourg S.A.'s first-class client services will continue to be a key component of the new NORD/LB Luxembourg Covered Bond Bank. This is our way of taking into account the developments in the Luxembourg market. Our client services will be an offer to external asset management companies. Besides account and depot processing this service includes additional modes of business operations if required. For smaller institutions in particular, optimising sourcing strategies is an ideal opportunity for them to focus on their core areas of expertise and operate cost-effectively.

B2B at a glance

  • Full range of services for external asset management companies, such as account and deposit management
  • Provision of additional services in the B2B segment